Can I rent an apartment in the Village of Cherry Hill?

Yes, the Village of Cherry Hill has a variety of apartments for rent. Contact us for more information about one or two-bedroom units that are currently available.

What types of businesses are welcome in the Village?

We have a wide variety of retail, financial, medical, and service businesses in the Village. Contact us for more information about available space, square footage and contractual arrangements.

When is the Magic Tree lit?

Sadly, due to COVID, the Magic Tree will not be lit in 2020

Each year, the tree is first lit on Thanksgiving Eve. With branches swaying and bending, it is a spectacle of light and color. It is the perfect start to the holiday season. The tree stays lit until Epiphany on January 6th. You can view the Magic Tree each evening from dusk until 11 pm.

How do I reserve the park?

Please contact Krista Kippenberger at

How did Cherry Hill get started?

The Village of Cherry Hill has a rich history. Read about it on our About Us Page!

How can I find out about upcoming events?

To stay current with our upcoming events, please follow our Facebook page.